Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend/Hubby update

This was one of my long weekends that I work all night, and sleep 1/2 the day so I can go back to work again. I don't know what got into Bill but he deserves a big thumbs up for productivity this weekend. By my count (and it may be off) he did 2 to 3 loads of dishes, 4 loads of laundry (even put some of it away), made me 2 very thoughtful (and yummy dinners), took the girls to the park, to soccer, and to the store, and to top the weekend off he even brought them and Harrison to my hockey game. We lost 4 - 2 and I was -3 for the game (boo), but it was nice to have them all there. The people on my bench kept commenting on how cute they were and how nice it was to have my family there cheering for us. I agree.

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At 06 August, 2007 14:29, Blogger Rich said...

Go Billy, go Billy!!!!!


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