Sunday, July 29, 2007

How to feed the dog when you're 3

Yesterday the girls decided they wanted to feed Harrison (our new puppy for those of you not tracking my life.) Sam started by walking over to the 25 lb. bag of food, picking up a handful (roughly 4 to 5 pieces), then walking back to his bowl and putting it in. After about 3 trips Riley joined in the fun. I really didn't see the harm in this though in hind sight I really should have.

After a couple more trips the girls apparently realized how much effort they were putting into this, and that there should be a better way and they found it. Riley (per their report) pulled the 25 lb. bag of food over to the dog food bowl (approximately 10 to 12 feet and around 2 corners). Now remember, Riley herself hasn't even topped 30 lbs., so this was basically like moving her own weight around. Once it was in the bathroom (where the dog bowl was at the time), she tried to pour it into the bowl. Unfortunately the bag ripped, and ALL the food spilled out onto the floor.When they heard us coming Sam quickly started trying to scoop up all the food and put it into the bowl while Riley crawled into the remains of the bag which she inverted over herself so we wouldn't be able to see her.

It was quite funny, and very difficult not to laugh. I gave them gallon sized ziploc bags and let them pick up the food. (I'm not sure, but I think Bill ended up helping them since I had to leave for work.) Later that night he found one of the bags stashed in their room. We're not really sure what they planned to do with it.

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At 29 July, 2007 10:41, Blogger heather said...

hello, that's midnight snack food!

At 30 July, 2007 12:00, Blogger Sugar Queens Dream said...

Kids just do the funniest things.....
What ya gonna do but laugh :)

At 30 July, 2007 18:41, Blogger andrea said...

oh. my. god. that's hysterical, and only because it was at your house, not mine. =D

At 30 July, 2007 20:18, Blogger April said...

holy cow... wow. too funny!


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