Monday, June 18, 2007

Happy Father's Day

Happy Father's Day (a day late) to all my friends and family that are fathers. I hope your celebrations were great.

Since Bill doesn't blog, here was his day. He was allowed to sleep in till 10 by his loving wife (that would be me) who had Eggs Benedict waiting for him when he got up. The hollandaise sauce was great if I do say so myself.

After breakfast we packed up the kids and headed to Santa Cruz for a nice day on the beach. It was quite windy when we got there, so made for a chilly day. It seemed to warm up a bit, and the girls had a great day playing in the sand. They did not want to leave, but we were eventually able to lure them off the beach. After beach time we had a very nice dinner at the Crow's Nest. Our table had a lovely view of the harbor so we could see the lighthouse, and watch the boats coming and going. We also shared a delicious strawberry shortcake for dessert. The girls thought it was great, all of us digging into the same dish.

To top off the day, the girls and I stopped in a local shop while Bill got the car. They saw a pirate sign there, declared it was just like the silly pirates (that's what they call Pirates of the Carribean) at Disneyland, and wanted to get it for Bill. How could I say, "No"?

Finally we headed home, the girls went to sleep, and Bill and I watched Logan's Run.

I think it was a nice day for him (and us). The only thing that could have made it better is if Stacey could have been there, but she had to work.

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At 21 June, 2007 10:49, Blogger wen said...

how sweet!

i used to live pretty close to the beach in the picture. :) sc can be chilly in the summer but it's still nice to be near the ocean, eh?

At 21 June, 2007 11:59, Blogger snarfdog said...

I love it. I'd love to move back there, but the commute would kill us, so visiting occassionally is what we settle for.


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