Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Not Barbara Streisand

I have always sung, always, all the time, forever. Now I don't claim to be a Barbara Streissand or anything even close. I just enjoy it, but I do reserve it for those times when I'm by myself or with my children who until recently have not complained of the abomination. Yep, that's right, until recently.

Lately Riley has begun to not ask, but emphatically demand that I please stop. If she's within range she will even put her tiny hand over my mouth. The good news to this is that maybe I have a child who is musically gifted. I would love that. Riley has moved, wiggled, danced, and eventually sung whenever she hears music. It seems to strike a chord within her (pun intended). So, if I can't be a Barbara S., I'm glad that she might, at least in her world. I love that she has found that happiness, and at such a young age.


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