Thursday, November 16, 2006

Perfect Park Day

Today we went to the park. I was expecting it to be cooler so I dressed the girls accordingly. 5 minutes into it they were stripping off clothes due to the heat. Shortly after that they found the water and had a great time playing in it. A couple of other kids played in it too and I was surprised none of the other moms objected.Apparently it was 2 year old day at the park, because even though the rest of our playgroup couldn't make it today, there were several other two year olds, and they all played very nicely with each other. They were all girls too which was strange. We usually see more boys at the park. Oh yeah, it was pancake day at the park too. The girls thought it was great fun to eat their pancakes while sliding and climbing on the equipment. All in all, another excellent day.


At 16 November, 2006 22:31, Blogger heather said...

those pancake shots are killer


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