Saturday, November 11, 2006

Disposable toilet brushes, benefit to parents everywhere

I love those new disposable toilet brushes. There are 2 kinds, one that you throw the head away in the garbage, and the other one that disintegrates and flushes down the toilet. I have the latter, and have found it to be more useful than I ever thought.

This week one of my little angels decided to throw a toy in the toilet, a toilet that had recently been used by one of them. Needless to say I did not want to put my hand in there to get it out, and the toy was too big to flush, so I was left with finding a non-disgusting way to get it out. As I was contemplating how to bend a wire hanger to get it out my eyes suddenly fell upon the handle to the toilet brush. Since it's one of the flush away kind, it has a set of "tongs" that operate with the push of the button. Handle in toilet sans cleaning part, toy grabbed, everything out of toilet and hosed down without me having to touch any of it. Woo hoo!!


At 11 November, 2006 23:31, Blogger heather said...

nice work, snowflake!

At 13 November, 2006 13:26, Blogger Andrea said...

i especially love this line from the product page:

Do not use for personal hygiene."

plastic bags over the hand works too...as long as there are no holes. =D


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