Sunday, November 19, 2006

Creepiest Santa Ever

Today we went to the mall to participate in a fundraiser and Santa was
already there, or at least their version. This was the creepiest Santa
ever. I had thought I'd let the girls sit on his lap if they were
interested, but they weren't even close to be interested. He was far
from the jolly old elf he's purported to be. He was grouchy and
frowning and not one laugh, smile, or ho, ho, ho escaped his lips. Even
though he knew the girls were watching, and he was not otherwise
engaged, he did not smile or wave at them. Also, he looked rather
dirty, like they picked a homeless guy off the streets and slapped a
Santa suit on him for the event. Really rather disappointing.


At 20 November, 2006 11:14, Blogger heather said...

eww. i know you'll remember it, but hopefully the girls won't.

At 20 November, 2006 15:20, Blogger Andrea said...

what, no pictures? never mind, i'm getting the heebie jeebies from your description.


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