Wednesday, August 09, 2006

What HAVE I done all week?

Sunday: General cleaning, laundry, relaxing a bit
Monday: Twins playgroup in the morning, Silliman Center (yes, I'm seriously addicted) in the afternoon with Val, Liz, and her folks, class for work at night.
Tuesday: Played with girls in the morning, showered, class for work in the afternoon, Grandma and Grandpa came to play with the girls while I was in class, 50k burgers from the grill for dinner, had to be conniving to sneak Val away from her Mommy's arms.
Today: Went to my favorite quilt shop which is closing (so sad for us, so good for the owners - they're retiring), had lunch with Steven, Deb, and her Mom, came home and stitched a bit.
Tomorrow: Spine Clinic/ortho appt. (I finally get to find out what's happening with my back/neck/shoulder, wheeeee). The afternoon will be me time.
Friday: sleep a bit, then go to work (bah!)
Saturday: Sleep, work again (bah again.)
Sunday: that's a story for next week.


At 10 August, 2006 15:17, Blogger Andrea said...

so you only showered on tuesday? when did you pee? =D

At 11 August, 2006 10:40, Blogger snarfdog said...

I haven't yet.


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