Tuesday, August 22, 2006

One of the best mornings ever...

Saturday morning I got home after a long, long night at work that made me just want to hug my girls and thank God that they were born healthy and never had to stay in the NICU. The girls were still asleep when I got there (as they often are), so I waited them out and when they woke up I rushed in to hug and kiss them. Then got them up and pottied, and headed to the kitchen (after washing hands) to make breakfast. I pulled a chair up to the counter so the girls could reach and they helped me make pancake batter. Bill then cooked the pancakes and we all had a nice breakfast together. I got to bed late, but it was loads of fun and so totally worth it.


At 22 August, 2006 16:58, Blogger heather said...

aww. sounds like a great, cozy morning!

At 23 August, 2006 19:48, Blogger Tinjaw said...

It's postings like this that make me jealous... Jealous enough to want to rent some kids for a weekend. What are your current rates? Don't worry, I couldn't possibly make it past two days of assisted pottying. On second thought, just send me the video. :)

At 23 August, 2006 20:03, Blogger Tinjaw said...

By the way, 1i does know how to type? Doesn't he? Where's hiz figgen blog!? I for one, think we need a man's perspective on the FishWick clan.

(Sorry, just trying to get that weird feeling out of my system after seeing those two cute .... ah, there I go again. How 'bout dem Bears! Let's go work on the truck.)


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