Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Skating again

Last night I went skating with Liz (who did awesome). I otoh felt very odd. I realized that I just don't feel comfortable when I don't have all my gear on. For some reason I feel like a total beginner skater (which I am) when I'm just wearing streetgear, but when I put on my hockey gear I gain a lot more confidence, and seem to skate a little faster and a little better (still at the beginner level however.) Kind of odd.


At 21 June, 2006 14:53, Blogger heather said...

padding. does wonder for self confidence. altho i can't do the hockey, i did feel better about (potentially) not falling, the one time i tried it.

At 22 June, 2006 15:39, Blogger Jennie said...

I just had that experience today. Went to the free skate at Oakland Ice and found that I wasn't willing to skate very fast nor bend my knees all that much!

I wish they had Stick Time.


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