Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Because Heather and Cheddah care

5 nicknames you have or had:

5 sweet treats you like to eat:
Ice Cream (mint chip is my favorite)
Mint Oreos
Girl Scout Thin Mints (are you seeing a pattern here?)
I think I need to bend the rules like Bubbles and add a drink - Toffee Crack.

5 things people would be surprised you have:
Hockey Gear (other than those of you who know me here)
A motorcycle
Beanie Babies
A treadle sewing machine

5 fabulous celebrations:
My wedding
The births of my children (that counts for 3)
Multiple theme parties we've had here at the house (that counts for another half dozen)

5 things you'd like to have:
My own home
Heathers pool transplanted to the backyard of said new home
A convertible
Endless ability to help my family and friends
A quilting machine (complete with it's own studio)

5 cool presents you've received:
My hockey stick (it was a birthday gift from my hubby, and I scored my first goal with it, on my birthday none-the-less.)
Disneyland tickets (Thanks L and A, ya nutcases)
Various pieces of jewelry from my hubby including his heart and the key to it.
Power tools
I'm sure there are many more, but right now I'm stumped.

5 books you've read in the past 5 years:
You're kidding me, right? I think I've read 1 1/2 which is sad because I use to voraciously consume books. The last 5 years however were taken up with trying to get my oldest through high school, trying to get pregnant, getting pregnant, and now trying to manage the twins from said pregnancy. Someday I will read more than just a magazine article again.

5 slang terms you use regularly:
Shut up (not really slang, but qualifies depending on useage)
seriously (again, depends on useage)

5 people you'd like to tap for this:
I think evernyone has already been tapped since I am a late comer to the show this week. I guess I could go with the 0 is a multiple of 5 answer like a few of you have. ;)


At 10 May, 2006 22:27, Blogger heather said...

wow, bill got his heart turned into jewelry? talk about science meeting art!

i'm glad i came up with snowflake, but wow...shitwick. that's just amazing. gotta be a good story there!

At 11 May, 2006 03:30, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does reading books to the girls count? I've heard you read several. You like Trader Joe's truffles. And you have been known to be called Boss.

At 11 May, 2006 08:53, Blogger snarfdog said...

good thing I have people on this list to keep track of me. I completely forgot about the Trader Joe truffles, and they are most excellent.

And how could I forget such stunning titles as "Once Upon a Potty" and "Good Night Gorilla"? They really are quite fun to read.

As for tapping people, I don't have a multiple of 5, but I could tap Cathy, Rich, Helen, and Debbie (who doesn't have a blog, but could answer here.) ;)


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