Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sick Little Ones, and Potty Training update

I know I haven't blogged in a few days, but that's because Sam has been sick, and wanting to be cuddled all day and night. Thursday night she had a fever of 103.3 even after Tylenol. Riley started to get a temp, though not as high yesterday, and joined the cuddle all day and night club. This has really put a damper on my computer useage. Both girls are starting to feel better now.

As for the potty training, we are making progress. Today there were only 2 accidents (at least before I went to work.) They are both starting to voluntarily sit on their potties (rather than being prompted every so often), and I even caught Riley sitting there reading a book. It was quite cute. Sam otoh, thought that her toy ducks should go for a swim in the nice yellow pond she had made in her potty seat. Always something new and entertaining with these two.

For those of you naysayers out there (and you know who you are), the girls are more than ready for potty training. According to most of the books, it happens between 18 months and 2 years (especially for girls), the child should be able to verbalize potty (both girls can), they should be able to undress themselves (they both can do this, including overalls, pajamas and clothes put on backwards to prevent removal), they should be able to express when they are wet or soiled (they both can), and bottom line is it could cure Riley's condition (potty training often does) which would mean we could get her off the antibiotics and stop taking her for uncomfortable and risky invasive procedures.


At 22 April, 2006 22:44, Blogger seajade said...

Was so sorry to hear that Sami was sick and glad to hear that both of them are doing better.

Ducks in the yellow pond sounds like a good idea although pretty gross to most adults. Oh well!

At 22 April, 2006 22:45, Blogger seajade said...

sorry to hear about Riley getting sick too. Meant to say that above but was thinking about my late night call from big Sis letting me know that Sam was sick.

At 23 April, 2006 01:59, Blogger Andrea said...

poor babies! and lmao about the duck in the yellow pond. brilliant, if not kinda gross.

no naysayer here wrt potty training, it makes for entertaining posts, though i'm less inclined to sit on things now. =D

besides, you've done this before so you know what you're doing. the girls, however, might have other ideas. lmao again on the duck in the potty, as well as riley reading on the pot. hahaha!

At 25 April, 2006 08:03, Blogger wen said...

lol about the duck pond. :)

about the naysayers: the world is full of assvice. you spend umpteen hours with those kiddies, and if you think they are ready, chances are that they are!


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