Monday, April 10, 2006

Tough Weekend

This last weekend was a little tough for me, and certain things will continue to be tough throughout the week. First and foremost, the girls have been weaned. It's been 3 days now with no nursing. Riley is adjusting a little more quickly than Sam, but both seem to be appeased if we get up and have some OJ. Of course, as odd as it sounds it's just as hard if not more so on me as it is on them. Realistically though, it's been a long time since they actually got any quantity, and I'm sure not much in the way of nutrition or antibodies.

Secondly, I worked Friday night and was up all day Saturday cuz I had a project I wanted to get done with my sister-in-law, Debbie, and cuz my MIL was here.

Third, I had a busy Sunday which ended with a hockey practice. It was all fun, but tiring just the same. Came home and the girls were still awake, so I rocked with them a bit. They indicated that they wanted to sleep in their cribs in their room, so I put them down. Then began to have a massive panic attack (they've NEVER slept in their own room before.) It didn't last long though, because soon they were crying to get out of their cribs, so Mommy (me) happily picked them up, rocked a bit more, and then went to lay down with them in our bed. Snuggle time is good.

That brings us to this morning which is a longer and unfinished story at this moment, so I will have to save it for later today.


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