Monday, April 17, 2006

Day 8 at Camp Potty

The natives have taken over, their former leader is stumbling around with a bottle of 409 in one hand and air deodorizer in the other blindly trying to keep up with the nimble midgets. The potty seats sit abandoned in the corner, training pants strewn about the floor, unruliness reigns supreme. As fatigue claims yet another aged victim, the young natives dance victorious in their refusal to properly relieve themselves in the assigned location.


At 17 April, 2006 16:00, Blogger Andrea said...

LMAO. perhaps duct taping the potties to their bottoms would help. stay strong in the face of urineness (which is how i read 'unruliness' at first glance.)

At 17 April, 2006 20:40, Anonymous imhelendt said...

seriously. they are too young. wait until summer.

At 17 April, 2006 21:45, Blogger snarfdog said...

I would wait until summer if I could - that was my original plan. My problem is that they won't keep their clothes on now. If they could keep a diaper on so I wouldn't have to worry about what I would find where, it wouldn't be a problem.

At 18 April, 2006 09:03, Blogger cheddah said...

LOL! too funny, this post!

hang in there, leader. party on, natives!

At 19 April, 2006 10:46, Blogger wen said...

Sounds like you're having a Poopariffic time!

I'll never forget being in the bathroom at a campground in Yosemite and having a little girl in there singing to her poop. There was an entire poop song. T. and I almost wet our pants just listening. It was actually a whole little concert, complete with a grand finale Poopie Send Off song entitled Bye Bye Poopie.

At 19 April, 2006 13:04, Anonymous imhelendt said...

Creative clothing, Susan. You can use Bill's duct tape now and tape the diapers on. Also use overalls. And lots of NO! We do not take off our clothes!


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