Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Wizard of Oz

Went to see AMT's (American Musical Theatre) production of Wizard of Oz last night. Overall it was a great production, the first half was a bit better than the second half, but well done. I would recommend it for adults and children alike. We didn't have any children with us, just 3 adults and we all enjoyed it.

Things of note:

The Munchkins were great, did an excellent job and the kids that played them were so cute. Also, there was a note in the program that the Munchkins would not appear in the curtain call since their bedtime was 9:00 P.M.

The Wizard performed his entire bit as well as the curtain call with his fly down. We thought maybe when he went off stage someone would mention it to him, but no. Also, it was a pair of those funky costume pants where the waist is up at the rib cage, and he was a bit on the portly side, so it was very obvious.

Lastly, and this was HIGHLY irritating, we were stuck in the parking garage for ONE AND A HALF HOURS AFTER THE SHOW WAS OVER. Usually you pay when you go in, but last night they had everyone pulling tickets and then pay on the way out. There was only one attendant (I felt sorry for her), so it was very slow and there were a lot of angry people. We were on the top level in one of the last spots, so we didn't even turn the car on for the first hour (noone on our level was moving at all.) Stacey and I had to use the restroom so we walked down the street to the Crown Victoria I think it was, then came back. However, while there they had this very interesting digital vending machine where you could buy stamps, an Ipod, condoms, tampons, and the standard candy and beverage offerings. I wish I'd had my camera with me to take a picture. Anyway, when we got back to the garage everyone on our level had moved up two car lengths. Woo hoo, progress!

Then got home, both girls woke up, wanted to nurse, Riley went back to sleep, but Sam kept me up until 3:30. As usual, I'm exhausted.

So, that was my night.


At 14 September, 2005 11:04, Blogger -april said...

You should park at the Pavillion Garoge (150 S. Second St), and park near the wall in the back since it's near the stairs. It's free at night and weekends, and you're about two blocks and half blocks away from AMT. I used to always park there when I had my season tickets or when I saw the opera.


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