Monday, August 15, 2005

Wow! Another exhausting weekend at work.

We have a whole new group of new grads and work, and I have once again been charged with the task of indoctinating one of these innocents into the exciting non-stop world of the night shift.

On the one hand, it sounds very beneficial to me (the preceptor) as I have a "grunt" to do my job. In reality however, it is very mentally draining and I end up far more exhausted after a weekend with a fairly simple assignment than I do when I have a very critical baby on my own.

Our hospital paid $3M for this new training program and so far I can't see where it's any more beneficial than our old system, or where it's really different for that matter. (And yes, that was $3M with 9 zeros if I were to write it out.) They probably would have reaped a lot more benefit if they had taken even a third of that money and used it to bonus their current staff or hire experienced nurses not requiring this training, or upgraded equipment or facilities, or any other myriad of things that would have paid them back tenfold. But they didn't, and so I teach to the new program.


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