Thursday, August 18, 2005

Newsflash: Pine Sol Spray and Mop does not get blood stains out of white jeans...

For you guys out there, and the squeamish at heart, I apologize now.

This month was not kind to me in that "monthly" kind of way. As a result, I ended up with some very stained jeans. Being tired, cranky, and crampy I was not paying as much attention as I should have. Instead of grabbing the bottle of Oxyclean, I grabbed the bottle of Pine Sol Spray and Mop (which is almost identical to the Oxyclean bottle), so instead of nice clean pants, I now have nicely stained shiny pants.

The good news is that after the washing, I treated them the correct way and all stains came out. Yeah me.


At 18 August, 2005 17:04, Anonymous Steve Teixeira said...

Argh! I read too far! I'm blind! I'm blind! Help!

At 18 August, 2005 18:53, Blogger Liz said...

Let us all Praise Jesus that you have clean pants.

At 19 August, 2005 14:15, Anonymous imhelendt said...

Resolve carpet cleaner takes blood and chocolate out of laundry. Looks like Steve forgot his uterus today.


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