Friday, May 08, 2009

The best Mother's Day present ever (even if it was a little early)

While in Disneyland this past week we got the girls cupcakes (more expensive and less tasty than Kara's or Sprinkles) for their birthday. The cupcakes came complete with little Minnie Mouse rings that the girls just loved. Riley wore hers all day. Sam was a little "busier" with her ring. It was on her finger, off her finger, carried tightly in her fist, and yes, left on tables, benches, rides, etc. This is probably because Minnie Mouse is her favorite character. She just couldn't stop looking at it.

At the end of the day, we made a stop by the little potties in the child care center. It was here that Sam discovered her beloved Minnie ring was missing. All day she had been a little under the weather, and none of us had had much sleep the last two days, so she (and the rest of us) were just exhausted. Upon discovering the loss Sam just crumpled into a sad little heap on the floor and cried. As I was trying to comfort her and assure her that we would try to find the ring Riley walked up. Very sweetly, she took off her Minnie Mouse ring and presented it to Sam saying, "Here Sam, you can have my Minnie Ring". She then gave Sam a very gentle and loving pat on the shoulder. Sam responded with, "That's ok Riley, that's your ring, you should keep it." At this moment in time I could not keep the tears out of my eyes. Thankfully they didn't notice.

I could not have been more proud of my girls. This was definitely better than any Mother's Day gift I could hope to receive.

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At 08 May, 2009 22:43, Anonymous Lisa Ku said...

I'm crying. How very sweet...

At 08 May, 2009 23:48, Blogger Viv said...

Thanks for posting that. It made me cry too..

At 08 May, 2009 23:59, Anonymous Lisa W. said...

That vignette gets sweeter and sweeter every time I hear it!!! Thanks for sharing!

At 14 May, 2009 11:34, Blogger wen said...

Awww, so sweet. You are raising some very kind & caring kids. :)


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