Friday, January 25, 2008

Hawaii run down

This is long overdue. It's been sitting in my outbox waiting to be finished, but it's apparent that it's not going to be. So, for your enjoyment (or torture), here's the rundown:
1. If you have kids, travel with them either in a stroller or in their carseats with some sort of wheels attached to get through the airport. This allows you to go through the shorter wheelchair line. We had no idea until we were redirected by TSA.
2. Have friends (Thanks Auntie Liz and Auntie Mo) pack backpacks for your kids to entertain themselves on the plane, and don't let the kids have them until you are at cruising altitude. This should keep them busy the whole flight.
3. Schedule beachtime during daylight hours or you will come back as white as you left. (Yep, that's from recent experience)
4. Get loco moco as often as you can. It's just not the same here.
5. Eat at the local roadside restaurants/stands. You'll get a plate full of rice, macaroni salad, and either beef, chicken, or pork for $3 to $5. It's delicious and usually enough to feed 2 people. We spent $20 for 5 people and ended up throwing away half the food cuz there was so much of it. I highly recommend Kenneke's. It was the best by far.
6. If on Oahu, go to see the Kamaka Ukulele factory. Sounds dorky, but it was fascinating. One of the sons of the founder is still there. He's 95 years old and made his first ukulele at 5 years old. He does the tours and you get so much more than just a tour with him. It's not in any guidebook, so you'll probably have the place to yourself and his undivided attention.

Can't think of more at the moment, but that's enough "duh" factor for now.

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