Thursday, January 17, 2008

What am I missing?

3 more doses of drain cleaner and lots of plunging and now my shower is
completely backed up! This from a shower that I (stupidly) treated
because it was a little sluggish draining. What was I thinking.


At 17 January, 2008 09:27, Blogger Rich said...

Here is a tip for ya. Get the water out of the tub. Pack the drain as full as possible with powdered laundry soap. Pour a couple of cups of bleach into the drain. Wait 5 minutes and then add a big pot of boiling water. Plunge the hell out of it and your troubles will be gone. Sounds crazy I know, but I have tried this a zillion times and it never fails me. Best of luck to ya.

At 17 January, 2008 18:16, Blogger Tinjaw said...

The most likely cause of the problem is that your drains were coated with grease. You kitchen probably is between your bathroom and the street sewer. So you loosened up the first half and it slid down and combined with the grease in the second half and solidified. So you have clean pipes from you shower drain to the clog that is probably a solid hunk of hair and grease. Your pipes are now filled with heavily diluted drain cleaner. You may need to rent a drain cleaner from home depot. You can also use a wet/dry vac and suck out as much water from the pipes as you can and then dump a whole thing of grease cleaner down there. Pour it in the drain before you go to work. When you get home it *should* be open. Then put the shower on 100% hot water and drain your hot water tank. You need to melt the grease and wash it out to the sewer. As it is flowing, empty a bottle of extra strength dish detergent in it. That should get them clean. Good luck

At 17 January, 2008 19:47, Blogger Tinjaw said...

Oops, I take that back. I made the false leap to now all your sinks are backed up. My bad. If it is just your tub, then it is soap scum and hair. A cheap hand snake should do the job on the hair.


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