Thursday, June 28, 2007

Conversations with Sam

Last night I got the girls their very first Keens and gave them to them this morning. They were both so excited. I had mine on at the time and halfway expected them to see the similarity, and they did, but not to mine, or even to Liz and Andrea who they see wearing them frequently. Nope, after putting them on Sam quickly pointed out that they were just like Valeries. Specifically Sam said, "I luf these. They're just like Balrees."

Conversation #2 overheard from her swimming lesson.
Teacher: Sam, can you put your face in the water
Sam: No
Teacher: why not?
Sam: Cuz it's yucky.

Nuf said.


At 28 June, 2007 20:37, Blogger andrea said...

awesome! so wise and hysterical, that sam.


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