Saturday, March 03, 2007

Today the girls had their first trip to the library

Sadly, I've never taken my girls to the library before now, but that all changed today. Today we got dressed and took ourselves over to the library.

Sam was very excited to go. All she could say was, "libary, libary" and "let's go." Riley was a little more hesitant. She claimed she would just stay home with Daddy. We eventually convinced her to go, and it was a good thing. Once we got there, Riley had a great time picking books, sitting down to read them, putting them back, and then getting another one. Sam picked her book to "buy" and then just wanted to run and squeal. It was quite the effort to get her to settle down. Eventually the girls had their very first library cards, had checked out their very first books, and we were headed home. Once home we had to sit down and read them immediately, of course.

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