Thursday, January 11, 2007

Today we went ice skating.

Both girls started out a little shaky, but by the end their balance had greatly improved. I really need to get them on the ice every week to build their confidence and skills.

This was Riley skating.

This was Sam skating.

Afterwards we all went to Starbucks and the girls had warm chocolate. Yep, that's how they ordered it themselves. They claimed they could not drink hot chocolate, it would hurt them. So smart those two.


At 18 January, 2007 09:36, Blogger Rich said...

WOW!!!! They are getting sooo big!!! Love the video blog!! We want more video blogging!!!

At 18 January, 2007 19:03, Blogger seajade said...

I didn't know you were video-taping! Cool. And the girls look so much better skating when I can see them head on like this. Call me anytime. I am up for more skating!


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