Sunday, January 07, 2007

Sharks vs. Blue Jackets game

Yep, we went to the game thanks to some friends who helped us out with tickets. It was a very nice night not only because the Sharks won (sorry Liz), but because Bill and I actually got to go out like grown ups, on a date, sans kids. It was kind of like the old days. Of course we had to take a goofy photo to document the event.

Apparently the Sharks universe couldn't see fit to reward us on our outing, but taunted us instead. Everytime the Sharks scored a power play goal someone in the stands won free gas from Union 76. I don't know how much, but it didn't matter. what did matter is that for the first goal the winner had my seat number as the row number and the row number as the seat number. The next goal was totally off, but the third one had the same row and seat number, just a different section, and the one after that had some other combination of my seat location (don't remember what.) Ah well, maybe next time.


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