Thursday, November 30, 2006

Finally, Thanksgiving recap

With all this waiting, it should be a fabulous recap, but it's not. We had a very nice day enjoyed by friends and family alike. It was low key and relaxing.

I worked all night the night before, got home at 8:00 A.M., had some breakfast, made some dinner rolls, and then took a 3 hour nap. When I got up my living room was magically devoid of childrens toys (thank you Bill and Dottie), and the tables were set up waiting to receive tablecloths and place settings. We finished a few last minute preparations, got the turkey in the oil (yep, we deep fried a turkey, and Bill didn't lose his eyebrows), rolls in oven, and people to the table. We had 17 total, and everyone brought something delicious to share.

The most entertaining part of the evening is when we went around the table and everyone said something they were thankful for. We have some friends that are expecting a baby in February and she went first and mentioned that she was thankful for their blessing. Her husband went next, seemed a litte flustered, looked at her and said, "I'm thankful I'm still potent." It was really hard to follow that one.

At the end of the evening, after some nice conversation, everyone headed out. 30 minutes after they were gone, my dining room looked like this (mostly back to normal minus all the toys):And about 2 1/2 hours after they left, all the dishes were done. It was so nice to wake up the next morning and not be faced with a sinkload of dishes.

This is one Thanksgiving I wouldn't mind repeating.


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