Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Uploading pictures has reminded me of some funny moments from this past summer.

I'm sure that I will have many more things to blog about as I travel down short term memory lane in this uploading process, but here are two that were particularly funny for me.

Sam, Riley, and Harrison invented this game in which Sam and Riley would run across the yard with Harrison's tug-o-war toy, get him to latch on to it, and then he would tow them back to the other side of the yard. Sometimes they did the towing too. It was quite entertaining, and went on for about 20 minutes. I got tired just watching the three of them.
The second funny moment was another game Sam and Riley invented. I'm not sure of the rules, but it involved using buckets to empty water from the wading pool into an empty ice chest, sitting in the water filled ice chest, and pouring the water from there into the planter behind it. It also sometimes involved 2 preschoolers in the ice chest, often with one pouring water over the other.
Good times were had by the preschool crowd this summer.

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