Thursday, July 27, 2006

Over the Hedge & other things

Today we went to see "Over the Hedge" at the Saratoga AMC. The girls sat still much longer than the last movie, Riley only had a small meltdown which was quickly resolved, and I learned that harnesses are not totally evil (even if I did feel like a dogwalker with my own kids.)

The movie was very cute, and quite funny. I know most of you who had intentions to see it already have, so this is old news. If you haven't seen it yet, but you've thought about it, I highly recommend it.

On another note, we have finally decided to leave the evil Verizon. Yes, I shouldn't mention their name, why I don't know. They may have one of the best coverage areas around, but they have the worst data packages around to go with it. So, after mooching for a year and a half we finally bit the bullet, and bought T-Mobile SideKicks (actually from Danger, but the service is T-Mobile.) The bad part is that they've already transferred Bill's number. Why is that bad you ask? Because they haven't sent us the phones yet, so if you're trying to call Bill you can't for a few days. For some reason they haven't transferred my number yet. I'll keep you posted on how that goes.

Oh, and I got some new shoes today. Woo hoo!


At 28 July, 2006 15:42, Blogger Jennie said...

Do you get the feeling that we're all going to get sucked in sooner or later?

At 29 July, 2006 23:00, Blogger heather said...

i know i would have one already, if not for the steep price tag. a girl can dream though.


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