Sunday, September 18, 2005

Adventurer Sammi

Ok, another post I forgot to write about in my long hiatus.

I was in the nursery with Sam and Riley when Sam quietly disappeared. I didn't worry too much, we have the house gated, so she can only get into the living room which is really their playroom. After a bit, I get up and walk into the living room only to slowly realize that 1. She's not there, and 2. the gate to the rest of the house (and all of it's fascinatingly dangerous wonders) is open. I hurry toward our bedroom (one of her favorite places), not there, then to the bathroom, not there, and on into the kitchen, not there. I continue on through the laundry room into Bill's office where she is happily sitting on Daddy's lap. I ask him if he got her, and he said, "No, I thought you sent her in to me."

Apparently Sammi avoided certain disaster, and just went to cuddle with Daddy. Another crisis averted.


At 19 September, 2005 17:03, Blogger Jennie said...

Phew! I was holding my breath for most of that post. Wow!


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