Saturday, September 18, 2004

My week in hell...

Ok, it wasn't that bad, but I did just spend the last week in Sacramento, or Ballsac as my buddy Andrea calls it. ;)

The drive up was rather uneventful other than almost needing CPR from choking on a BK burger that I had to choke down at warpspeed because the twins started crying when the car stopped to get food. This was late Tuesday after attending a twins group meeting at which I somehow became the "expert" on breastfeeding. Hey guys, I've only been doing this 4 months - scarey that I would be giving advice to expectant moms.

Day two (Wed.) Immediately started getting calls from the inlaws who needed a baby fix. Way too early in the morning, particularly with late arrival and lack of sleep from the night before. However, I did get to shower when they visited. My husbands nephew is quite a busy boy requiring lots of reminders in regards to the babies. He was very cute though, he thought the babies needed their toys organized by functionality and then got upset when they "moved" them to another group. MIL brought Pizza for dinner, root beer floats for dessert. Woohoo!

I've never lived with ac, but in ballsac it's a must. The house we were staying at has ac, but no thermostat, so it's either on full bore or off. I only brought summer clothes for the girls, so I was having to wrap them hotdog style in blankets with their hands sticking out to play. Then when the house was sufficiently cool I'd turn the ac off again and remove blankets until babies were sweating, then replace blankets and turn ac back on to once again freeze us out. Lather, rinse, repeat all week.

Day three (Thurs.) FIL arrived from Reno this morning with hottub on the back of his truck. This will eventually make it down here for us. Yeah! He puttered around outside in the carports and garages (it's the house he grew up in) while I napped with the babies. Can you believe it, they actually slept at the same time. Nice to visit with him, and have him see the babies again.

MIL brought dinner again. Something called rouladin or something like that. Basically beef wrapped around a pickle and cooked in some sort of beef sauce. Sounds weird, but it was actually kind of good. Needed a little red wine or something in the sauce - she's going to experiment more.

Day four (Fri) Planned to get up and get the car packed so I could get on the road by 1:00 to 2:00 P.M. and make it to my buddy Andrea's surprise b-day celebration. Got up ok, and was running on schedule, but MIL showed up with tacos (very nice of her. She likes to feed us, can you tell?) and time just flew out the window. I finally got on the road at 3:00 thinking, "Hey, I can still make it to the party." Silly me. 2 baby stops and almost 3 1/2 hours later I finally made it home just before 6:30 (Party was at 7:00 and 30 - 45 min away). Babies wanted to eat again, we all needed showers/baths. By the time I could even think of leaving the house it was already 7:30. Way too late to make the party. I'm very bummed.

So that was my week in hell.


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